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admin-notice-example.php A bit of cleanup
ajax-footer.php Display part of the current theme via ajax
allow-gpx-files.php Example of how to allow mime types
always-on-xmlrpc.php Getting all the old plugins in
author-disabler.php Author disabler example
case-shortcodes.php Are shortcodes case sensitive
category-orderby-author.php order the query by authors and an example of how to extract authors f…
change-date-links.php Flush rewrite rules on date base save
check-curl.php Getting all the old plugins in
content-disposition-download.php Getting all the old plugins in
content-filter-remover.php How to remove autop and convert_chars from the content
custom-author-base.php Also modify the structure
custom-avatar-urls.php use a custom URL for an avatar when available
custom-page-meta-box.php Using meta boxes on custom plugin pages for fun and profit
data-attr-caption.php Use the image caption as a data attribute
easy-stick-post.php Update easy-stick-post.php
editor-add-users.php Getting all the old plugins in
email-users-on-publish.php Email Users on Publish
error-scrape.php Show an error scrape link in plugin actions
fetch-feed-example.php How to use fetch_feed
filter-list-by-tax.php Get posts of a certain type and split them into categories.
fix-github-ssl.php Getting all the old plugins in
fix-rel-canonical.php A work around to fix rel canonical links with custom query variables.
fs-example.php How to for the wp filesystem
gallery-members.php Fixing a wrong variable name.
get-all-meta.php Get all meta for a given post type
get-published-objects.php How to get only posts of a given status that also have a certain term…
iframe-wp.php Getting all the old plugins in
logged-in-sidebar.php An example of how to give logged in users their own sidebar
mask-links.php Getting all the old plugins in
media-default-tab.php change the default media tab
no-admin-index.php Use the Correct Capability
no-page-comments.php Getting all the old plugins in
one-post-home.php Getting all the old plugins in
page-editing.php Getting all the old plugins in
pages-on-home.php example of how to change post types on the post page
pages-to-posts.php A posts 2 posts example
password-protect-view.php Password requried posts should be their own view
per-post-nav-menu.php per post nav menus
post-count-month.php Example for the last 12 months
post-ids-by-category.php How to get post IDs of all the posts in a given category
post-layout.php Getting all the old plugins in
protected-post-type.php readmes are nice
redir-logged-in-users.php Don't redirect users that are logging out
redirect-site.php Redirect a whole site
redirect-subscribers.php Showing how to redirect subscriber level users to the home page
registration-redirect.php Getting all the old plugins in
rel-author.php An examle rel='author' implementation
remove-comment-email.php Showing how to remove comment fields.
remove-feeds.php Getting all the old plugins in
restricted-content-shortcode.php How to Restrict COntent with a shortcode
rewrite-endpoint-example.php Getting all the old plugins in
rewrite-single-category.php How to rewrite a single category
secondary-content.php Secondary content example
sort-terms-test.php Does sorting terms work
style-edited-posts.php An Example of Filtering the post_class filter
taxonomy-post-class.php Example of how to add a taxonomy slug to a post class
xmlrpc-autop.php Fix a Variable Name Typo

WPSE Plugins

I hang out on WordPress Stack Exchange a lot. These plugins are things I've written to help answer questions there.

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