A simple API which lets you convert text into various formats such as TitleCase, or SpongeBob Case.
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TextCase API

Travis Swift Twitter

This is a basic API which can be used to request various different formats of a given string of text.

It uses the Perfect toolkit, and is actually just a learning project for myself. But a simple web server that can maybe provide a tiny amount of use, is another incentive to do it well.

The current options are:

  • TitleCase
  • Mocking SpongeBob



Return a formatted version of a string of text, similar to John Grubers TitleCase, except implemented myself.

GET /title/{input text}

Example response:

    "plain" : "hello i am the TitleCase api",
    "title" : "Hello I Am the TitleCase Api"


Return a string formatted like the popular mocking SpongeBob memes. The results are random, so it's possible to get multiple formats for the same string.

GET /spongebob/{input text}

Example response:

    "plain" : "added mocking spongebob support",
    "spongebob" : "aDded mocKinG SPongeBoB sUpPORT"


Return all the available formats for a given theme.

GET /{input text}

Example response:

    "plain" : "what the hell is this",
    "title" : "What the Hell Is This",
    "spongebob" : "wHAT ThE Hell iS thiS"