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Vagrant based cookbooks to setup Gitlab

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This is a cookbook that allows you to run Gitlab within Vagrant with a few specifics decided for you.

This is a 1:1 copy in chef/vagrant form of the official installation tutorial : .

  • The hostname:
  • IP Address :
  • Database : Postgresql
  • Postgres Password : postgrespassword
  • Gitlab DB user: git
  • Gitlab DB password : supersecret
  • Ruby setup through rbenv: 1.9.3-p448


The tested install box was a fully updated Ubuntu Precise (64).

  git clone
  cd gitlab-vagrant
  vagrant up

After a few minutes the installation should be complete and available at (which should be pointed to using /etc/hosts).

You can login with the following details where you will be prompted to change your password and are advised to change the username/email information.


Most configuration items can be altered in Vagrantfile as per standard.

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