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Puppet manifests for Drupal
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Drupal puppet

A collection of Puppet modules for managing a Drupal stack.

The manifests are very Ubuntu specific currently, (tested with 10.04 LTS) but will be expanded to work with RHEL5/6 in the future.

All modules will pass 'puppet parser validate' and Puppet-lint tests.


The following modules are included:

  • varnish -- HTTP accelerator
  • apache -- Web server
  • mysql -- Database
  • drush -- Command line shell & scripting interface for Drupal
  • php -- Scripting language
  • memcached -- Memory caching system
  • postfix -- Mail transfer agent
  • tools -- General other useful command line tools (git, wget, sysstat etc)


git clone to your puppet moduledir


In templates.pp

class server-combined {
  include varnish
  include apache
  include mysqld
  include drush
  include php
  include memcached
  include postfix
  include tools

In nodes.pp

node 'your-new-box' {
  include server-combined
  apache::vhost { '':
  port => 8080,
  docroot => "/var/www/vhosts/",
  serveraliases => ['', ''],
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