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May 24, 2020

Chris Hough

Strategic Engineering Leader with expertise in coding, design, product development, software quality, and testing with a passion for building, leading, and mentoring high-performing remote teams.

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Engineering: Service Oriented Architectures, Continuous Integration, Code Reviews, Pair Programming, Automated Testing, Testing Coverage Metrics, Code Quality, Lean Startup Principles

Architecture: Full Stack Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Rspec, SideKiq, AWS, Heroku, GitHub

Leadership: Mentor, People First, Community Focused, Culture of Learning, Empathy, Remote Working Culture, Data-driven Decision Making, Using the Right-Tools for the engineering requirements


Senior Software Engineer, Dutchie
2020 - Present

  • Excited to join the team engineering cutting edge technology for the Cannabis industry.

Founder & Principal Engineer, RobotsBuildingRobots, LLC
2016 - Present

  • Eggplant: Expanded the authorization capability of the testing manager application to include Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP). Coordinated daily pair programming sessions to mentor junior engineers, improve team collaboration, and increase overall team performance. Installed and configured testing coverage via Rspec built into the Digital Automation Intelligence platform.
  • Crowd OX: Built out platform features across three ruby-on-rails engines. Rewrote the Partner application testing suite porting it from Minitest to the latest version of RSpec while maintaining testing coverage metrics. Expanded testing coverage from 0% to over 60% in a legacy code base with 100% model testing coverage.
  • USA Today: Developed and architected a backend CMS with frontend content creation interfaces & features. Optimized user flows & improved the customer experience by designing an updated responsive layout.
  • W. W. Norton: Designed and architected an interactive delivery platform to serve over 300+ interactives for a global publisher. Setup the GitFlow Process, code reviews, quality guidelines, & workflow management. Coached & mentored junior engineers on best practices to increase their productivity & contributions to the code base.
  • Gathrly: Partnered with company founders to create a technical product roadmap and setup agile processes. Designed, engineered, and maintained a lead management application utilized by top tier brewers. Coached and mentored a team of junior engineers to meet productivity goals and ensure high-performance.

Senior Software Engineer, VYNYL
2019 - 2020

  • Design and develop key features to enhance the functionality of an enterprise lending platform processing $110MM+ in financial assets per year.
  • Hire, train, and mentor a remote team of four software engineers to increase overall productivity while improving code quality including code reviews, Rspec automated testing best practices, and Sandy Metz coding ruby principles.

Director of Engineering, onDiem

  • Hired to lead the development of an on-demand staffing platform to enable dental professionals to find work on a flexible schedule and dental practices to ensure service availability and improve the patient experience by fully staffing their offices.
  • Partner with the founding team, head of product, and creative director to design, develop, and execute the product roadmap with a focus on building features to support monetization and securing early adopters to gather user feedback. This included implementing SCRUM to drive team productivity and performance.
  • Personally built engineering integrations and implemented automation to reduce platform complexity and improve performance for external customers, and the internal customer support team.
  • Documented platform architecture and passwords to secure the stack and create a knowledge base, reducing ramp-up time for new engineers joining the team.
  • Migrated the code base from Bitbuck to Github to take advantage of more streamlined tooling, setup continuous integration for automated testing, implement security scans, and develop style guide tests.

Senior Application Developer, MediaPRO
2018 - 2019

  • Successfully launched LearningLAB, a platform that helps enterprises fortify their workforce against cyber threats and privacy breaches. Led backend testing and established best practices to achieve optimal software quality.
  • Designed a full-stack dependency management process for our two monolithic ruby-on-rails applications.
  • Improved code cleanliness and readability by teaching the team about how linting can be used to increase productivity and working with the engineers to implement linting in the code base.

Senior Backend Engineer, Weaveup
2017 - 2018

  • Led hiring, onboarding, and training of engineers and the first SCRUM project manager for the backend team.
  • Planned and architected Licensing 2.0 which required a multi-stage multi-epic rollout process. Completed multiple epics of 100 files each that impacted every component related to design content in the backend API.
  • Cut test processing time from 25 minutes to 8 minutes by converting legacy Minitest specs to Rspec and implementing parallel test execution on CI.

Senior Full Stack Engineer, Coding Zeal
2016 - 2017

  • Built a detailed patient logic report utilizing recursion to enable patient metric analysis & interpretation for a customer in the medical industry.
  • Engineered the foundations required to move a client off of MongoDB both to increase efficiency and cut costs.
  • Refactored Coding Zeal’s referral program website to provide customers with a consistent & accessible UI/UX, increase customer satisfaction, and improve lead conversions.

Senior Full Stack Engineer, BilingualHire

  • Re-engineered an MVP focused on placing bilingual candidates in jobs across the United States.
  • Optimized the user sign up workflow by simplifying content creation from launch to point of sale, retooling every user interface, and adjusting the data model to support many new language types.

Senior Full Stack Developer, Whiplash

  • Engineered an Inbound and Outbound ETL Microservice with API to relay communications between 3rd party providers & our monorail in real time and provide flexibility for varying provider complexity.
  • Instituted Slack and Git Flow modeled to improve code quality, test coverage, and communication. Created room configurations to support cross-collaboration between on-site and remote engineering, sales, & customer teams.

Director of Application Engineering, PlaceWise
2014 - 2015
Web Applications Engineer, PlaceWise
2009 - 2014

  • Managed the construction of a Ruby on Rails based Service Oriented Architecture to drive content to over 600 statically generated websites, handle increased site traffic on Black Friday, deliver new content, and reduce DevOps overhead costs.
  • Built a culture of learning by implementing online courses, real-time pairing, and career mentoring to reduce knowledge silos, grow junior developers, and reduce project completion times.
  • Refactored the code deployment process to Git Flow via GitHub from SVN in order to improve the stability of the CI environment and increase the speed of code deployments.
  • Revamped the RetailHub Enterprise Content Management Software. Replaced 10 years of legacy code & organized customer tools in a single workspace to increase application performance & improve client satisfaction. Transformed legacy communications and increased collaboration & efficiency by implementing Slack enterprise-wide.

Applications Developer, SOM
2008 - 2009

  • Refactored internal project management software to support international languages and character sets.
  • Increased project management collaboration and reduced task duplication during the Burj Khalifa construction project by developing a company-wide project and task tracker.

Web Technology Team Lead, AT&T
2001 - 2007

  • Managed a team of 5 engineers across the Midwest region and created consistency by establishing writing development processes, software style guidelines, scalability standards, and pair programming sessions.
  • Reduced expenses, increased productivity, and prevented fraud by engineering a metrics-driven multi-tiered dashboard application serving actionable data to the enterprise.
  • Increased customer satisfaction scores, reduced outages, & reduced repair visits by standardizing online process delivery and creating mission-critical applications with 24/7 uptime & real-time administrative updates.


Turing School of Software & Design, Mentor & Volunteer Teacher
2020 - Present

Boulder Ruby Group, Regular Attendee
2019 - Present

Full Stack PDX Meetup, Founder
2017 - 2019

Mentorship Saturdays PDX Meetup, Mentor
2016 - 2019


Master of Business Administration, Keller Graduate School of Management
Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, Illinois College


Chris Hough's Resume. Let's Connect!



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