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Chris Hough

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Passion, integrity, hard work, and intrinsic motivation are part of my DNA. While I have managed both local and remote organizations, I write code, tinker with design, architect application work flows and processes, but most importantly love product innovation. I understand that great things take time, and a leader believes that a collective set of individuals working together can change the course of the world.

At the end of the day, life has to be about more than just code. You have to actually LIVE IT. One of my favorite quotes is from Rich Roll, in the book Finding Ultra: "Pursue what’s in your heart, and the universe will conspire to support you." When I am not online you will find me organizing community events, mentoring junior engineers, reading, bodybuilding, or spending time with those I love. I am addicted to the adventure and doing everything I can with the one life we all have in the short time we get to experience it.

Present Experience

MediaPRO :: Senior Application Developer
April 2017 – Present
Portland, Oregon [Remote]
ruby rspec postgres jira bitbucket confluence slack apple atom git

  • Contributed to the successful launch of LearningLAB, a comprehensive, configurable awareness platform utilized by enterprises to fortify their workforce against cyber threats and privacy breaches. This has included numerous features, but most importantly cross training and presentations on Rspec and the various components of testing methodologies and maintaining test coverage.

RobotsBuildingRobots, LLC :: Founder & Senior Full Stack Engineer
December 2016 – Present
Portland, Oregon [Remote]
ruby rspec slack postgres redis resque sidekiq aws heroku sendgrid sentry newrelic bootstrap apple atom git meetup

  • Chairseven - Senior Full Stack Engineer, Mentor
    • Design and architected an interactive delivery platform via Middleman, Webpack, and JavaScript to serve over 300 interactives for the global publisher W.W. Norton and Company. This included design cutup, ruby CI processing and architecture, and hiring additional engineers for the project. Each interactive was required to follow ARIA guidelines and scale responsively.
    • Setup the GitFlow Process, code reviews, quality guidelines, workflow management via Kanban via GitLab boards, and hired two junior engineers to continue the architecture process to completion. This required setting up a strict process flow, call it an engine, that could work asynchronously across multiple timezones both inside and outside the continental U.S.
  • Gathrly - Engineering Team Lead, CTO as a Service
    • Setup the Agile Scrum Process utilizing Zenhub, mentoring a team of junior engineers and designers, and founder technical planning.
    • Designed, Engineered, and Process Managed the Smartforms Lead Management MVP application utilized by top tier brewers in Oregon and California including Hopworks, Full Sail, Funhouse, and more.
    • Engineered an ETL application to import data from the and Eventbright APIs.
  • Crowd OX - Senior Full Stack Engineer
    • Built out numorous features for the platform across three different ruby on rails engines. This included a complete rewrite of the Partner application testing suite porting it from Minitest to the latest version of Rspec while maintaining testing coverage metrics.
  • Cat on the Couch - Senior Consultant
    • Due to not having any ruby resources in house, was hired to restore a client site built via the middleman project, and transition hosting to github pages for client review.

Past Experience

Weaveup :: Senior Backend Engineer
June 2017 – April 2017
Portland, Oregon [Remote]
ruby rspec postgres redis sidekiq slack apple atom git

  • Managed the hiring process for additional mid-level and senior backed engineers, and assisted with the hiring of our first project manager.
  • Spearheaded the rollout of our Agile Scrum process structure and Sizing via Fibonacci numbers, and presented on Git Flow and Semver for future microservices.
  • Architected Licensing 2.0 which required a multi-stage multi-epic rollout process and hooked into every component related to our design content in the backend API. While I was only able to complete 2/3 epics, each component completed in near isolation totaled over 100 files, and impacted nearly every feature of our architecture. The final epic was comprised of 10 feature tickets, > 127 files, full test coverage via rspec and multiple data migrations.
  • Converted existing legacy Minitest specs to Rspec, and implemented test execution on CI via the Parallels gem. This stop gap solution cut down our testing processing time from 25 minutes down to 8 minutes on average.

Lessons: Cucumber Testing, BDD, Materialized Views, Tests in Parallel
Architecture: Ruby, Ruby on Rails Framework, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, Rubocop, Rspec

Coding Zeal :: Senior Software Engineer
October 2016 – June 2017
Portland, Oregon [Remote]
ruby rspec emberjs postgres redis slack apple atom git

  • Q-Centrix Medical Services : Replaced Delayed_job with Que resulting in each of the engines using the same backend job processor and bringing them one step closer to removing MongoDB. Pair programmed a detailed patient measure logic report via a complex recursive json endpoint and Ember frontend. 
  • : Bootstrap style adjustments affecting their responsive layout to meet new design comps. Updated the Amazon Product API advertisement blocks to filter products sold by Amazon reducing the chances of bad storefront data displaying to customers.
  • Zeal Referral Program : Refactored the platform out of a combination of web flow and materialized CSS into Bootstrap CSS providing customers with a consistent and elegant UI/UX.

Lessons: Ruby on Rails Engines, Business Development, Full Time Pair Programming, OSS Developer Engagement
Architecture: Ruby, Ruby on Rails Framework, Que, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Rubocop, Rspec, EmberJS

Whiplash :: Senior Full Stack Developer
April 2016 – October 2016
Portland, Oregon [Remote]
ruby rspec rackspace mysql git redis resque apple atom airbrake slack

  • Engineered a 2-Way ETL Microservice with API to break apart an existing monolithic application and legacy architecture. Acting as a glorified facade, the application relayed communications between many 3rd party providers and our monorail in real time. Automated web hooks, polling events, and api translations provided flexibility for varying provider complexity. Standardized style guide and test coverage metrics were also respected.
  • Instituted Slack and Git Flow modeled after successful engineering teams and remote focused cultures. Room configurations supported both engineering and sales. ETL customers joined us in guest rooms for asynchronous communication across many time zones, while code processes increased code quality and test coverage.

Lessons: Service Orientated Architectures, Microservices, Refactoring Monorails
Architecture: Ruby, Ruby on Rails Framework, Resque, MySQL, Redis, Rubocop, Rspec, Rackspace

BilingualHire :: Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer
January 2016 – May 2016
Portland, Oregon [Remote]
ruby rspec aws postgres git atom apple jquery sendgrid sentry newrelic bootstrap

  • A short engagement helping a close friend and colleague reengineer an MVP focused on placing bilingual candidates across the United States.
  • Reduced user sign up workflow frustrations by simplifying content creation from launch to point of sale. This included retooling every user interface and adjusting the data model to support many new language types.

Lessons: Bootstrap, Startup Project Management
Architecture: Ruby, Ruby on Rails Framework, Heroku, PostgreSQL, Sentry, Rspec, Stripe, Bootstrap

PlaceWise :: Director of Application Engineering
April 2014 – December 2015
New York, New York and Portland, Oregon [Remote]
ruby rspec emberjs aws git atom postgres solr sqlserver apple coldfusion coldbox jquery sentry newrelic redis slack jira

  • Managed the construction of a Service Orientated Architecture to drive content to over 600 statically generated websites. The strategic initiative of the team was to replace our legacy ColdFusion architecture with a Ruby on Rails backend, and JavaScript driven front end. This resulted in covering Black Friday Sales traffic at scale while delivering new content, and reduced DevOps overhead costs.
  • Instituted a focus on training and mentoring to reduce knowledge silos, grow junior developers, and reduce project time to completion. Online courses, real time pairing, and monetary awards helped achieve measurable success.
  • Transformed legacy communications by implementing Slack enterprise wide. CodeClimate GPAs, Git Flow notifications, NewRelic Alerts, and our Emoji based Pull Request game defined this culture shift.
  • Coordinated and cultivated external client relationships built on top of our Service Orientated Architecture. API customers could push and pull data into content management systems allowing us to grow revenue opportunities with the same resources.

Lessons: Service Orientated Architectures, Microservices, Remote Culture, Organizational Theory
Architecture: Ruby, Ruby on Rails Framework, Heroku, AWS, ProfitBricks Cloud, PostgreSQL, Redis, Rspec

PlaceWise :: Web Applications Engineer
August 2009 – April 2014
Boulder, Colorado, then New York, New York [Remote]
coldfusion sqlserver msft subversion ruby postgres heroku aws solr git emberjs coldbox jquery apple atom jira

  • Started the implementation of our service orientated architecture in Ruby on Rails moving our stack away from ColdFusion. This involved engineering six new microservices, and migrating our servers to Heroku. By partnering off hours by with an external consultant this implementation provided leverage to drive culture change.
  • Refactored our code deployment process to Git Flow via GitHub moving the entire organization away from SVN. This included mandating testing coverage, no longer working on live production code, and pair code reviews. Outside of the technology department training for non-technical committers helped drive these modifications.
  • Revamped and revitalized the RetailHub Enterprise Content Management Software using the ColdBox MVC framework. This full rebuild replaced ten years of legacy code with new workflows built on modern UI/UX principles. Organizing every customer tool in a single workspace increased application performance, and resulted in better client relationships.

Lessons: Service Orientated Architectures, Git Flow, Microservices, Managing External Consultants, Culture Change
Architecture: Adobe ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server, SVN, Git, Coldbox Framework, AWS, Heroku, Ruby, Ruby on Rails Framework, PostgreSQL, Rspec

SOM :: Applications Developer
January 2008 – March 2009
Chicago, Illinois
coldfusion sqlserver msft fusebox jquery subversion apple

  • Refactored the internal project management software to support international languages and character sets.
  • First exposure utilizing open source software to produce an internal forums application product. This small utility increased collaboration among project managers reducing task duplication.

Lessons: Monetization & Expense Driven Teams, Open Source Technology
Architecture: Adobe ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server, SVN, Fusebox Framework

AT&T :: Team Leader – Web Technology
August 2001 – September 2007
Chicago, Illinois
coldfusion sqlserver oracle msft subversion fusebox

  • First exposure to compiling annual performance reviews and peer metrics for five engineers in our five state Midwest region. This included writ!ing development processes, software style guidelines, scalability standards, and pairing.
  • Engineered a metrics driven multi-tiered dashboard application serving actionable data to the enterprise. By organizing data into passive and reactive pods each level of the organization could have a direct impact on performance. This resulted in reduced expenses, increased productivity, and cases of prevented fraud.
  • Standardized process delivery online replacing legacy paper binders across all call centers. The mission critical handbook applications required 24/7 uptime, and real time administrative updates. This software increased customer satisfaction scores, reduced outages, and reduced visits for repairs.
  • Allowing training managers to schedule, track, and administer course materials online reduced knowledge silos. This resulted in increased customer satisfaction, reduced outages, and increased employee happiness.

Accolades: Key Contributor Awards: 2002 - 2006, 2007 from the Installation and Repair Organization. Employee of the Month: January, February, December 2004, and March, April, July 2005 from the Installation and Repair Organization. Certificate of Appreciation: April 2003, from the Installation and Repair Organization. Accomplishment Certificate: 2003, from the Network Dispatch Center’s Handbook project.

Lessons: Enterprise SDLC, Performance and Process Management, High Availability and Monitoring, Scalability, Service Orientated Architectures
Architecture: Adobe ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Fusebox Framework

Community Involvement

Founder of the Full Stack PDX Meetup
January 2017 - Present

Mentor for the Mentorship Saturdays PDX Meetup
November 2016 - Present

Mentor for Operation Code
November 2016 - December 2017

Founder of the Ruby on Rails PDX Meetup
January 2016 - December 2016


NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Ruby on Rails Programming Course
New York, New York
Completed 2012

Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies
Economics of Trading Course
Chicago, Illinois
Completed 2007

Keller Graduate School of Management
Master of Business Administration
Chicago, Illinois
Graduated 2005

Illinois College
Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems
Jacksonville, Illinois
Graduated 2001
Computer Club, Investment Club


Conference Dates Location
Rails Conference April 25th - 27th, 2017 Phoenix, Arizona
Ruby on Ales March 5th – 6th, 2015 Bend, Oregon
Rails Conference April 22nd - 25th, 2014 Chicago, Illinois
Ruby on Ales March 6th – 7th, 2014 Bend, Oregon
Cascadia Ruby October 21st - 22nd, 2013 Portland, Oregon
jQuery Conference June 13th - 14th, 2013 Portland, Oregon
Rails Conference April 29th - May 2nd, 2013 Portland, Oregon