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+Markdown Presenter
+This is what I use for giving simple, quick-to-produce presentations. Rather than fighting with keynote or powerpoint for hours, i can whip up a presentation in minutes using markdown.
+Check out a demo [here]( Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to switch between slides.
+You need to install this on a web server, otherwise it won't be able to open the file via AJAX. So, if you're on a mac, copy it to your ~/Sites/MyPresentation folder. Then open your web browser to http://localhost/~myusername/MyPresentation/Presenter.html.
+Markdown file
+The file is where you put your presentation. All you need to do to separate slides is a paragraph with an exclamation mark, eg:
+ This is a slide
+ Blah blah blah
+ !
+ This is another slide
+ Yada yada yada

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