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gitting pissed about your code
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gitting pissed about your code.

Are the developers on your team frustrated? Do you wish you had better tests? Do rainy days get you down? Do you have enough stackoverflow links in your code? Answer these questions today with git pissed

git pissed tracks any number of words across your entire git history. The defaults are wildly offensive and inspired by Vidar Holen's Linux Kernel Swear Counts.


Install the gem, open a git repo, and git pissed.

$ gem install git_pissed
$ cd my/git/repo
$ git pissed && open git-pissed.html

Sometimes we want to track happiness instead of ANGER!! git pissed allows the tracking of any set of words.

$ git pissed --words=love,hate,rainbow

If you are a graphing wizard and just want the data, generate a CSV instead.

$ git pissed --format=csv
$ cat git-pissed.csv

Got time to spare and want a really cool graph? Increase the resolution. The amount specified in max-revisions (defaults to 30) will be scanned evenly throughout the entire git history.

$ git pissed --max-revisions=100

$ git pissed --max-revisions=15


$ git-pissed --help
usage: git-pissed [--words=<array>] [--max-revisions=<integer>] [--format=<html|csv>] [--version]

        --words=shit,fuck,crap       Words to track across entire history
        --max-revisions=30           Number of revisions to track, spread equally across entire history
        --format=html                Output format. Supported formats: html, csv
        --version                    Show version


git pissed requires Ruby 1.8.7 or later.


$ gem install git_pissed


Please see the Contributing Document


Please see the Changelog Document


Copyright (C) 2013 Chris Hunt, MIT License

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