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Paint your own Christmas Tree πŸŽ„

A Node.js server and TypeScript web client allowing you to colour in your Christmas tree lights

Compatible lights


  • You'll need a device running Node.js 8+, I've tested using a Raspberry Pi 3
  • Some basic wiring will be required to connect up your lights to your device


First! Clone this repo down to your device

Node.js server

  1. cd into the packages/server directory
  2. Install the dependencies using $ npm install
  3. Start the server by running $ npm run start

This will run the server on your device on port 2811. You can then use the client app to connect to this server.

TypeScript Client

Note! While you can run your own client app, it is pre-deployed at

  1. cd into the packages/client directory
  2. Install the dependencies using $ npm install or $ yarn
  3. Run the app with $ yarn start
  4. The web UI should open in your browser, enter the IP address or hostname of the device running the Node.js server, with the port number 2811, e.g.