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  • Switched from therubyracer to execjs, should provide Windows support
  • Don't blow up when encountering invalid vendored packages
  • Better error handling for CLI
  • Added flag for easier debugging
  • Allow packages to be put in vendor directory - Fixes #14
  • Cleanup Package fields
  • Allow packages to be developed in directories without matching names
  • Fix prerelease flag for local packages - Fixes #16
  • Bpm Init no longer changes folder name - Fixes #13
  • Patched Sprockets directive bug


  • Updated to latest LibGems with bug fixes
  • Improved error messages


  • Updated to Rack 1.3.2
  • Removed old references to bpm:formats
  • Added wiki link


  • Moved JSON transport and minifiers into bpm:provides
  • Documentation updates and fixes - Fixes #3
  • Updated options and fixed tests


  • Updated documentation
  • Switched to


  • Fixed bug with init where it would generate broken apps at first.
  • Fixed bug when exceptions are thrown in preview mode that would force you to restart the server. Should recover more smoothly now.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • First cut at support for formats.
  • Also introduces new requirement for defining transport and format plugins in the package.json. Now you must use the "bpm:provides" keyword:

New format for defining a format or transport plugin:

  "bpm:provides": {
    "transport": {
      "main": "path/to/transport/plugin"
    "format:EXT": {
      "default:mime": "application/javascript",
      "main": "path/to/format/plugin"


  • fixed bug where local packages that are indirect dependencies of other remote packages could cause bpm to error out unable to find dependencies.

  • improved logging slightly

1.0.0.beta.6 (yanked)

  • bpm now passes a context object with build settings and a minify option to plugins - this will allow spade to support string loading.


  • bpm list now shows local dependencies by default. Use bpm list --remote to get remote.
  • better compatibility with npm - "summary" field is optional and "url" is mapped to "homepage"
  • fixed some failing unit tests
  • you can now place other projects into a vendor directory and have their packages appear in the local package. This is useful if you want to import another project which holds multiple packages for development.


  • Fixed issue with compile that would cause exceptions if you deleted the global .bpm directory
  • BPM now complains if you load a package whose directory name does not match the name in the package.json (this was causing exceptions in some cases)
  • BPM is more whiny now when it tries to load a package with invalid or missing package.json.
  • the version stored in the bpm key on new projects is a compatible version instead of the actual version. Right now this means it is frozen at 1.0.0
  • merge bpm new into bpm init. now this works like git. If you bpm init on an existing directory, bpm will try to update it. If you bpm init and pass a new path, bpm will create it.
  • now showing version of bpm in bpm help


  • started changelog