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Welcome to the yeti-maven-plugin plugin for Apache Maven 2

Note: as of version 0.3 the old repl with auto-recompile etc is not supported anymore

A maven-plugin for the yeti programming-language yeti

The code of this plugin is heavily based on the mavan-scala-plugin. Thanks to the maven-scala-plugin team.

Getting started with Yeti and Maven - the fastes way

The easiest way to get started is to git clone the yeti-maven-template-project at (

Change update the pom with your project info and than run mvn compile to test wheter everything is working.

Direcotry Layout

The yeti sources go to src/main/yeti and src/test/yeti

Available goals

  • yeti:compile
  • yeti:testCompile
  • yeti:repl
  • yeti:doc
  • yeti:add-source

The repl goal starts a yeti repl with the projects classpath set.

Yeti jar

By default the plugin picks up the yeti-compiler from the compile-dependencies. Therefore the yeti.jar is needed in the dependencies. If you do not want to have the yeti.jar but only the yeti-lib.jar in the dependencies (ie for Android develoment) set the plugin configuration yetiLibOnly to the yeti compiler version you want to use - the plugin will then load it down.

Configuring the plugin

The only configuration ist yetiLibOnly see the pom.xml in the template project for this configuration

REPL for Interactive Coding

This features are not supported anymore

Most important



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