How to start a server

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Here's a quick little guide on how to start a server in minicraft plus:

The technical part: you need to forward TCP on port 4225 to bypass your firewall, and allow connections from other networks. gives a pretty good guide on how to do something like this.

Then to start a server, you need to choose or make a world, then you can either start the game from a command prompt with

  java -jar (minicraft plus filename).jar --server (name of world)

Be sure to put the filename and/or the world name in quotes if they have spaces.

Alternatively, you can start a server by launching the game normally, loading a world, and opening the pause menu where you select the option to start a multiplayer world. After it starts, another window should pop up after a few seconds that allows you to login to the server to play on it. This can also be accessed normally from the title screen.

The advantage to using the command prompt version is that you can use a couple server commands, like time set, move players, set player cap, and some others. Also, it doesn't need a GUI environment. The GUI version just lists the connected players, and allows you to save the world or stop the server.

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