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Etherpad Export Proxy

This is a dead simple server that provides a cross-domain RESTful API to retrieve Etherpad contents from any public Etherpad server on the internet.

The server only has one method, accessible at /, which takes a few parameters via query string, all of which are required:

  • server is the domain name of the server on which the Etherpad resides.

  • port is the port number on which the Etherpad is hosted.

  • pad is the name of the Etherpad.

  • format is the format of the exported contents, either txt or html.

While the code runs as a Google App Engine application, it's just a WSGI app that is loosely coupled to the google.appengine.api.urlfetch package.

To run the unit tests, simply run python

Running the server can be done by downloading and running the Google App Engine SDK for Python.

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