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There is nothing here yet; but hopefully there will be soon. Why did I setup this repo? Here's the "back story"...

The Question

How do you manage your gists on github?

I love github and their gist service and that's why I'm keeping a lot of code snippets and even development notes as a gist on my github account. It also makes it easy to share them with my colleagues.

The problem is that it doesn't scale!! the github features for gist are primitive and I have lots of gists there which make it really difficult to find some of my old gists. there's no search, there's no tagging or anything.


My answer

It might be possible to clone your gists into a local folder (as pointed out by vgoff), then build some sort of personal website around this hosted on github pages... Using Jekyll/liquid you could tag and have categories... Embed using JavaScript, or use partials to inject code into the source ( using pygments to handle the syntax highlighting - or do it client side e.g using SyntaxHighlighter ). Perhaps use google search for the search component... or dynamically build up a json file, or use github's gist API ( ) to pull in json for meta data and public repos...

You could possibly take this further and "demo" your HTML/CSS/JS gists using (you can create a new fiddle from a gist... See: )

I'm going to need a system like this for a project I'm working on ( ) - it's for teaching teenagers HTML/CSS/JS in Firefox... And I'm thinking of building it on top of Github Pages/Gist/ ... Free, open, interactive examples and branchable.

I've decided to setup a side project to focus on building a Gist CMS from anything I learn along the way...

"Personal Gist CMS hosted on Github Pages. A code / content management system powered by Jekyll to tag, categorize and search your Gist archive. Keep all your Gist's organized in one repository; and show them off the the world with their own dedicated website."

Right now it's just an idea; so let me know if you're interested - and lend a hand if you can ^_^

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