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1 inuit.css lives!
1.0.1 Added Apache license. Fixed typo in a CSS comment.
1.0.2 Increased <h1> line-height whilst keeping the baseline, adjusted <dd> indent amount on narrow and mobile devices.
1.1 Added sizing support for Flash/video content. Removed duplicate content:; property from .keywords rule.
1.2 Grids turned on in debug mode. Added thanks to @VictorPimentel
Added inuit.css to github at v1.2
1.2.1 @charset rule moved to top of file, cursor:pointer; added to <label>, attribution added, forced-scrollbar method changed.
1.3 Print styles!
1.4 12 column grid system and a bit of housekeeping.
1.4.1 Added text-rendering:optimizeLegibility; as per