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Automatically spin up a Minecraft server in Google Cloud.
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Google Compute Engine Minecraft Provisioner.


If you've got brew on Mac OS X, you can run the following to grab the dependencies:

brew update
brew install terraform ansible


  • Create a new Google Cloud project if you don't have one yet. Make sure the Compute Engine API is enabled.
  • Download your Google Cloud json credentials.
  • Copy terraform.tfvars.example to terraform.tfvars and fill in your info. Have a look at for optional variables you can set.


terraform apply
ansible-playbook -i hosts provision.yml

Once that successfully completes, run the following to get the ip address of your brand new minecraft server!

terraform output ip

Forge Example

A sample Forge configuration has been provided in minecraft.yml.example. To use it, copy it to minecraft.yml, change any options, and run:

ansible-playbook -i hosts --extra-vars "@minecraft.yml" provision.yml


There are three levels of configuration: Terraform, Ansible, and Docker.


Edit terraform.tfvars to modify the following:

  • account_file - path to Google Compute credentials file
  • ssh_path - path to your public ssh key
  • project - Google Compute Project name
  • region - Region to create Google Compute Engine instance in. Available options are "us-central1", "europe-west1", and "east-asia1". Defaults to "us-central1".
  • disk_image - Image to create instance from. Defaults to "coreos-stable-633-1-0-v20150414".
  • machine_type - Google Compute Engine machine type. Defaults to "n1-standard-1".


Pass in extra vars when running the provision.yml playbook.

  • docker_name - Name of the docker container. Defaults to "minecraft".
  • docker_image - Docker image to pull. Defaults to "itzg/minecraft-server".
  • docker_volume - Volume on host to persist data. Defaults to "/home/core/minecraft".
  • minecraft_data - Path to Minecraft archive data to upload, useful for adding mods or a pregenerated world. Be sure to archive the contents of the minecraft folder and not the folder itself.
  • minecraft_opts - Options to pass to docker image. See Docker configuration below.
  • minecraft_mem - Memory to provide Minecraft jar. Defaults to 3/4 the total memory of the machine.


The docker image itzg/minecraft-server provides aditional configuration. The following options are set by default:

  • EULA=TRUE - Accept the EULA for Minecraft 1.8 and up.
  • JVM_OPTS=-Xmx{{ minecraft_mem }}M -Xms{{ minecraft_mem }}M - Set the JVM memory.
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