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Startup and shutdown a minecraft server running on Google Cloud Compute.
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Startup and shutdown a minecraft server running on Google Cloud Compute.

Minecraft sever usage will be monitored and the instance will be shut down automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Watch demo.


git clone
npm install

Command Line Usage

npm start <port>

Environment Variables

All of these environment variables are required to be set unless otherwise noted.

  • GC_INSTANCE: Google Cloud Compute instance name or id that is running the Minecraft server.
  • GC_PROJECT: Google Cloud project that the instance is in.
  • GC_ZONE: Google Cloud zone that the instance is in.
  • GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS: Path to Google Cloud json credentials. More info here.
  • MC_SERVER: Minecraft server hostname or ip. Optional, defaults to localhost.
  • MC_PORT: Minecraft server port. Optional, defaults to 25565.

Debug Environment Variables

More info can be printed to stdout by setting the DEBUG environment variable to any of the following values:

  • mcm:error: Print errors.
  • mcm:info: Print extra info.
  • mcm:server: Print server errors.
  • mcm:*: Print all logs.


To start a dev server running on localhost:8000 that will automate js and css compilation as well as reload changes in the browser run:

npm run dev
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