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Power Dump

Power Dump takes a 64 bit Windows 10 powershell process dump made using procdump and retrieves powershell blocks and variables from memory. Basically its strings on steroids with a little extra logic built-in for finding powershell. Only tested and built out right now for/on Windows 10 64 bit Intel.

alt text

Pre Reqs:

Download procdump from sysinternals:



  1. git clone https://github.com/chrisjd20/power_dump.git
  2. Have a powershell scrip running. Take its process ID and run the following:
    • procdump64.exe -ma <pid>
  3. py -2 power_dump.py <-- Windows (if Py2 and py3 are installed)
  4. python power_dump.py <-- Linux
  5. Select option 1
  6. ld powershell.exe_mem_dump1928461283
  7. Select option 2 (wait for it to process)
  8. Select option 3 or 4 to perform filter searching

License: MIT License

Test on: Windows 10 64 bit Intel


Needs some cleaning up. Expand this out for all Windows OS dumps and architectures. Also add different payload searches other than powershell.