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sfMaraePlugin has several external dependencies:

  * sfDoctrineGuardPlugin
  * sfDoctrineNestedSetPlugin
  * HTMLPurifier
  * sfXssSafePlugin
  * jQuery and jQuery UI

Installing dependencies

Please read the sfDoctrineGuardPlugin documentation for information on installing it.

sfDoctrineNestedSetPlugin can be installed with the following command:

    symfony plugin:install sfDoctrineNestedSetPlugin

[HTMLPurifier](http://htmlpurifier.org/) is a large PHP library which filters HTML. Comprehensive installation information is available 
on their website, but it can be installed as a PEAR package:

    pear channel-discover htmlpurifier.org
    pear install hp/HTMLPurifier

sfXssSafePlugin is a symfony wrapper for HTMLPurifier. I had some problems with the package listed on  [symfony-project.org](http://www.symfony-project.org/plugins/sfXssSafePlugin) but 
have published a version which works (for me) on [GitHub](https://github.com/chrisjenkinson/sfXssSafePlugin). If you have problems with the original package, please try my 
version and post bugs/issues on GitHub.

Add the following to `apps/frontend/app.yml`:

          AutoParagraph:     true
          Linkify:           true
          Allowed:          "b,i,strong,ul,ol,li,p,a[href],blockquote"
          DefinitionID:      "sfMaraePlugin"
          DefinitionRev:     1

For information about enabling additional HTML tags, read the HTMLPurifier documentation.

jQuery and jQuery UI installation information is available on the [jQuery website](http://www.jquery.com); alternatively use the [Google-hosted version](http://code.google.com/apis/libraries/).

Installing sfMaraePlugin

  1. Install sfMaraePlugin into your `plugins/` directory.
  2. Copy `plugins/sfMaraePlugin/data/fixtures/fixtures.yml.sample` to `data/fixtures/sfMaraePlugin.yml` and edit it to create your categories.
  3. Rebuild your classes and create the tables in your database via your preferred method.

  4. Publish the sfMaraePlugin web assets and link them into your layout via your preferred method (e.g. editing `apps/frontend/config/view.yml`):

         symfony plugin:publish-assets
  5. Insert your categories into the database:
         symfony doctrine:data-load data/fixtures/sfMaraePlugin.yml
  6. That's it! If you are still having problems please open an issue on GitHub.

Administering sfMaraePlugin

sfMaraePlugin uses the permissions management in sfDoctrineGuardPlugin. Permissions are checked on a category-by-category basis and sub categories do not inherit the permissions
of their parents. Users must be logged in to start threads or reply to existing threads. The following permissions exist:

  * show - the user can see the category page and posts in the category
  * new - the user can start new threads
  * reply - the user can reply to existing threads
  * edit - the user can edit their posts
  * delete - the user can delete their posts (if they have no replies)

If you need more fine-grained permissions, please open an issue on GitHub.

All permissions are enabled by default. sfMaraePlugin checks for a permission with the following name for each action:


If the permission exists, sfMaraePlugin will require the user to have the permission before continuing. The documentation for sfDoctrineGuardPlugin explains permission groups in more detail.