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Introducing MemcachedRT

A tiny application that will monitor your Memcached server, providing real-time monitoring and up-to-the-second data in a glance-able format.

Features include:

  • Easily configurable in just one config.ini file.
  • Live graph with actions p/s (white) and evictions p/s (red).
  • All WebSockets, no Ajax here, ma!
  • Glance-able colour coded statuses; green for "Good", orange for "Okay", red for "Eek".
  • Know your Get and Set proportion.
  • Discover if you are missing or evicting a lot of data.
  • Be alerted when you are running out of storage space.
  • Know the stability of your server with the live uptime status.
  • Details on item quantity, actions performed, and connection count.
  • Responsive design; plays nicely at any size and on your mobile device.
  • Know when a connection is lost to your server, and automatic recovery.
  • Only have Memcached installed locally? No problem, use the test-server.php script.
  • Released under the MIT licence.


  • A account. They offer a free plan with 100,000 requests per day limit. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, so plenty :)

Installation guide

  • Copy files to your Web server (path does not matter),
  • Edit the Library/config.ini for your specific settings,
  • Run the server.php in your terminal (php -q server.php),
  • Navigation your browser to index.php,
  • Watch as the graph will display real-time hits on your Memcached server.

PHPUnit tests

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A real time graph to monitor hits-per-second on your Memcached server.




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