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fakeweb (1.2.2)
* fix that HTTP Digest and OAuth requests could raise URI::InvalidURIErrors
[Bill Kocik, Chris Kampmeier]
fakeweb (1.2.1)
* fix that query parameters are handled correctly when registering with a URI
object [Anselmo Alves, Chris Kampmeier]
* fix an exception when registering with the :response option and a string
containing "\0" [Jonathan Baudanza, Chris Kampmeier]
* fix that trailing slashes were considered significant for requests to the root
of a domain [Chris Kampmeier]
* add support for HTTP basic authentication via userinfo strings in URIs
[Michael Bleigh]
fakeweb (1.2.0)
* add lib/fakeweb.rb so you can require "fakeweb" as well [Chris Kampmeier]
* fix compatibility with Ruby 1.9.1 [Chris Kampmeier]
* fix that newlines in file-based responses could be doubled in the response
object's body [Mark Menard, Chris Kampmeier]
* fix unnecessary munging of the transfer-encoding header, which improves
compatibility with mechanize [Mark Menard]
* fix a test and the RCov dependency to be compatible with JRuby [Mark Menard]
* remove an unnecessary redefinition of OpenURI::HTTPError [Josh Nichols]
* rearrange implementation code into separate files, one per class [Josh Nichols]
* fix a bug where FakeWeb.response_for would raise if the request wasn't
registered [Chris Kampmeier]
* add HTTP method support, so FakeWeb takes both the URI and method into
account for registration, requests, and responses. Backwards-compatible with
the old method signatures, which didn't have a method param. [Chris Kampmeier]
* start work on Ruby 1.9 compatibility [Chris Kampmeier]
* add FakeWeb.allow_net_connect= to enable/disable the pass-through to
Net::HTTP for unregistered URIs [Mislav Marohnić, Chris Kampmeier]
* remove setup.rb, since most people use RubyGems [Mislav Marohnić]
* fix that '' (empty query) matches a registered
'', and vice-versa [Mislav Marohnić]
* improve the test suite to not rely on an internet connection [Chris Kampmeier]
* use `rake test` instead of `rake tests` [Josh Nichols]
* fix an incompatibility with Ruby 1.8.6 p36 where you'd get "Errno::EINTR:
Interrupted system call" exceptions in Socket#sysread for any non-faked
request [Chris Kampmeier]
* response rotation: you can now optionally call FakeWeb.register_uri with an
array of options hashes; these are used, in order, to respond to
repeated requests (to repeat a response more than once before rotating, use
the :times option). Once you run out of responses, further requests always
receive the last response. [Michael Shapiro]
* add support for Net::HTTP's undocumented full-URI request style (fixes
URI::InvalidURIErrors that you might see in older libraries) [Chris Kampmeier]
* sort query params before storing internally, so that and are considered the
same URL (although this is technically incorrect, it's much more
convenient--most web apps work that way, and Net::HTTP's use of a hash to pass
query params means that the order in which FakeWeb stores them can be
unpredictable) [Chris Kampmeier]
* add support for ports in URLs, so that and are not the same [Chris Kampmeier]
* fix for non-faked SSL requests failing with "Unable to create local socket"
[Chris Kampmeier]
* update Rakefile to fix warning about deprecated code [Chris Kampmeier]
fakeweb (1.1.2)
* add required dependencies to GemSpec to ensure that tests pass in firebrigade
( [Blaine Cook]
fakeweb (1.1.1)
* fix for non-existence of :string method on File as presented by open-uri
[Blaine Cook]
* fix for curl example test - google redirects to ccTLDs for those outside US
[Blaine Cook]
fakeweb (1.1.0)
* update code to correspond to ruby 1.8.4 (breaks compatibility with ruby 1.8.2)
[Blaine Cook]
fakeweb (1.0.0)
* initial import [Blaine Cook]
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