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# Rubinius 2.0 distributes the standard library as gems
platform :rbx do
stdlibs = %w(benchmark cgi coverage delegate erb find logger net-http open-uri
optparse ostruct prettyprint singleton tempfile tmpdir yaml)
stdlibs.each { |lib| gem "rubysl-#{lib}", "~> 2.0" }
# rubysl-test-unit 2.0.2's gemspec relaxed its dependency on minitest to allow
# any version (previously, it specified "~> 4.7"). Minitest 5 doesn't have a
# Test::Unit compatibility layer like 4.x, so it doesn't work with Test::Unit
# at all (see e.g. So, I'm
# holding this one back until we find out what's going on.
gem "rubysl-test-unit", "2.0.1"
gem "psych", "~> 2.0"
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