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httpclient support #6

nbibler opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The soap4r gem currently uses httpclient gem which is not currently disabled when used with fakeweb (allow_net_connect = false).

It looks as though some work has been done at although it is now a bit out of date.


So, I put together my own patch which adds this support - however - it's certainly not for mainline use as it is specific to httpclient + soap4r at the moment:

However, it raised the interesting idea of abstracting the generated Net::HTTPResponse object to fit other libraries. In this case, I had to extend the response to carry status and content methods. It may be more useful to have a custom response object come back through FakeWeb.response_for, in most cases the current Net::HTTP-like object, but for httpclient, for instance, a slightly modified version. If that were available, I wouldn't have had to monkey with Net::HTTPHeader and HTTPClient in this patch.

Just a thought.


Note to self, httpclient is now on github.


implemented the patch in a branch on my fork:

working in tests relying on soap4r


(would have sent a pull request, but didn't want to write tests and don't know how to make it generic)


Hey guys, I just runned into the same issue. I need to mock soap4r gem and it uses httpclient. I found this thread, that points to a fork which has the specific changes to fake httpclient, but it seems a bit older (January 05, 2009)..

Do you guys have any news about it?

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