[WIP] Git porcelain to remove old topic branches you've already merged to master.
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git trimbranches

A handy little git porcelain to automate the removal of old topic branches you've already merged to master.


$ gem install git-trimbranches

How it works

Preflight: First, it does a git fetch and git remote prune origin in the current working directory to make sure your list of remote branches is up-to-date.

Finding branches that can be safely removed: Then, it uses the --merged option to git branch to find out which branches are already merged to origin/master. It ignores branches with names including the words "master", "staging", "production", or "stable".

Deleting the branches: Finally, it uses git push origin :branchname to delete each of those branches from the remote. If a local copy of the branch exists, it is also removed. The script prints the name of each deleted branch with its SHA so you can recreate the branch if needed.