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A simple DSL for implementing the Gateway pattern for RESTful services.
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The beginnings of a node-based REST proxy as an implementation of the Gateway pattern.

The goal is to support parallelized and/or sequential REST calls, and to extract pieces of the downstream responses into an aggregate object suitable for a response.

Target Interface

recipe = Proxie.newRecipe(); recipe.against.get("/entity/{id}/child/{id2}") .do .inParallel( Proxie.get("{id}") .acceptJSON .extract("entity", function(result) { return; }), Proxie.get("{id2}") .acceptXML .extract("child", function(result) { return; }) ).andWaitForAll then("http://localhost/authorize").withFormBody({ "CHILD-ID" : Proxie.flash("child").resourceId, "USER-ID" : Proxie.requestHeader("X-AUTHENTICATION") }) .acceptJSON .abortIf(function(result) { return result.status != "success"; }) ) .return({ entity: Proxie.flash("entity"), child: Proxie.flash("child") }) .asJSEND;

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