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# Ditz 0.5 for Ruby 1.9.2
-Ditz stopped working when I upgraded to Ruby 1.9.2 so I tweaked a few things to get it back as I'm rather fond of Ditz.
+Ditz stopped working when I upgraded to Ruby 1.9.2 so I'm currently working on bringing it up to scratch for 1.9.2.
## Installation
Make sure you have the `yaml_waml` gem installed. Clone the git repo.
-gem install yaml_waml
-git clone git://
-cd Ditz-for-Ruby-1.9.2
-ruby setup.rb
-ditz --version
+ gem install yaml_waml
+ git clone git://
+ cd Ditz-for-Ruby-1.9.2
+ ruby setup.rb
+ ditz --version
+## Issues
+Ditz is currently falling over if there isn't a release set. This can be fixed by adding a release
+ ditz add-release

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