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Not a theme, but a framework for building Tomorrow styled themes using a base of sixteen colours. Since August 2012, Base16 has provided a minimal set of guidelines that explain how to style syntax and how to build Base16 schemes and templates.


Base16 was designed with the following limitations to ensure the project remains simple and keeps a small scope:

  • A 16 colour palette of 8 shades and 8 accents
  • All themes produced are the same apart from variations in colour
  • You can't change the colour of one element without affecting another
  • Builders are very simple and have one job


Third-party Tools

  • auto-base16-theme - A command line tool to create a base16 theme from an input image's colour palette.
  • base16-manager - A command line tool to install base16 templates and set themes globally.
  • base16-shell-preview - A command line tool to preview and set base16-shell themes.
  • base16-universal-manager - A command line tool to automatically get, build and set base16 themes globally for all supported applications. Themes and templates are pulled form the official repositories or from a local cache.
  • flavours - A command line tool to manage and globally apply base16 templates by specifying a scheme name.
  • Themix/Oomox - Graphical application for generating different colour variations of a Arc, Materia and Oomox themes (GTK2, GTK3 and others), Archdroid, Gnome-Colours and Numix icons, and terminal palette. Base16 plugin allows to open Base16 YAML files a export both Base16 and its own themes using Base16 Mustache templates.
  • base16-spectrum-generator - A Python script for generating .png files showcasing the colours in a base16 theme.

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