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Jun 28, 2016


An architecture for building themes based on carefully chosen syntax highlighting using a base of sixteen colors. Base16 provides a set of guidelines detailing how to style syntax and how to code a builder for compiling Base16 schemes and templates.


Template Repositories

To add your own template, submit a pull request to and add your repository to the list below. Repository naming scheme: base16-[template-name] (with dashes as separators).

Scheme Repositories

To add your own scheme, submit a pull request to and add your repository to the list below. Repository naming scheme: base16-[scheme-name]-scheme (with dashes as separators).

Builder Repositories

Repository naming scheme: base16-builder-[language] (with dashes as separators). The separate headings are the latest versions of the spec supported by each builder.

0.9.1 (Jun 15, 2019)

  • Make baseXX-hex-bgr variables available to templates
  • Warn when a template file has been overwritten

0.9.0 (Jul 6, 2017)

  • Add decimal color variables

0.8.1 (Dec 29, 2016)

  • Clarify theme filename generation
  • Various clarifications

0.8.0 (Aug 27, 2016)

  • Drop support for HSL variables

Scheme and Template Author Resources

The following is a list of useful resources for anyone creating a Base16 scheme and or template:

  • Code Examples - A list of example code file for various languages.
  • TmTheme Editor - An online editor for themes in tmTheme format.
  • Base16 Template Converter - A script to automatically convert Base16 templates written in the old Embedded Ruby style to the new Mustache style.

Tools for using Base16

If you've written a tool for base16 feel free to add it to the list below:

  • auto-base16-theme - A command line tool to create a base16 theme from an input image's color palette.
  • base16-manager - A command line tool to install base16 templates and set themes globally.
  • base16-shell-preview - A command line tool to preview and set base16-shell themes.
  • base16-universal-manager - A command line tool to automatically get, build and set base16 themes globally for all supported applications. Themes and templates are pulled form the official repositories or from a local cache.
  • flavours - A command line tool to manage and globally apply base16 templates by specifying a scheme name.
  • Themix/Oomox - Graphical application for generating different color variations of a Arc, Materia and Oomox themes (GTK2, GTK3 and others), Archdroid, Gnome-Colors and Numix icons, and terminal palette. Base16 plugin allows to open Base16 YAML files a export both Base16 and its own themes using Base16 Mustache templates.
  • base16-spectrum-generator - A Python script for generating .png files showcasing the colours in a base16 theme.

Projects using Base16