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Tmux Session Manager (TSM)

A simple ruby script to aid working with and creating tmux sessions.

Using TSM

Tmux Session manager contains the following tasks:

tsm help [TASK]  # Describe available tasks or one specific task
tsm list         # Lists all available sessions configs
tsm open         # Opens a session
tsm view         # View a session config

Each task is aliased by its first character e.g. tsm o, tsm v.

Config Example

Before using TMS you'll need to create a config file for your session you wish to setup

The following file is ~/.tsm/example.yml

description: Example Session
session_dir: ~/example
  compass: [ cd public, clear, compass watch ]
  www: none

Every config option in this file is optional.

Per-session Environment Variables

The environment variables SESSION_DIR and SESSION_URL are available to you. One possible use is to create aliases that make use of these.

alias osd="open $SESSION_DIR"
alias osu="open $SESSION_URL"
alias ose="mate $SESSION_DIR"


Installation is currently a manual process.

gem install thor
mkdir ~/.tsm
git clone /usr/local/share/tsm
ln -s /usr/local/share/tsm/tsm /usr/local/bin


  • Add copy feature to clone existing configs
  • Add edit feature to launch the default editor for the specified config
  • Tidy the code
  • Write a better Readme
  • Package into a Gem?


  • Just me so far!