Bitcoin Mining for Fun and No Profit
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Want a miner that runs at a hash rate of just 1.0% that of a modern ASIC miner? Well this is not that miner. This is a miner that runs at a hash rate of less than 0.1% that of a modern ASIC miner[0]!


Learning. I wanted to peel back the covers on Bitcoin and pool based mining, and also try my hand at a larger Clojure project along the way.

Core features:

  • Clojure (so pretty cool)
  • Slow
  • Costs more to run than it will ever make back in bitcoin
  • Includes 2 pretty solid tests
  • Peeled back the covers a bit on how Bitcoin works

Intallation & Operation

Wanna run it?

git clone 

Leningen should be used to run the repl and resolve the deps.

cd bitminer/
lein repl 
> (start-supervisor) 

Then it's a waiting game. Shortly before the heat death of the universe you should be able to nab a share.

[0] Based on miners (as of this 2017) operating in the TH/s range, and my current i7, being run inside of a vm, using only a few cores, being in the KH/s range.