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Christopher Kirk-Nielsen, creative developer

My name is Christopher Kirk-Nielsen, but you can call me Chris. I'm an award-non-winning designer-turned-developer who loves building for the web, working at MOJO PSG. I am very fond of '80s aesthetics, so please enjoy the neon glow! Click the links below to discover…

{% iconLinks %} [ { "icon": "question", "link": "/about", "label": "Too many facts about me" }, { "icon": "shirt", "link": "/designs", "label": "Shirts & posters I designed" }, { "icon": "type", "link": "/fonts", "label": "Some typefaces I made" } ] {% endiconLinks %}

I enjoy writing sometimes; you can find my ramblings over on the blog, but your might want to subscribe to the RSS feed since there is no schedule in place. The latest things I wrote are here: