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  • @chrisklaiber b96e173
    Bug-fixes for aggregate and historical data
  • @chrisklaiber 3a18a5d
    Log a message when graphite_bridge fails in cron
  • @chrisklaiber 72236d9
    Remove extra slash in custom metric names
  • @chrisklaiber 48feb12
    Export graphite metrics to Cloud Monitoring every 5 minutes
  • @chrisklaiber e3f0ee2
    Add script to export graphite metrics to Cloud Monitoring
  • @chrisklaiber 5d23af5
    Update alertlib to pull in a bugfix
  • @chrisklaiber 6e9c7cc
    Append a necessary newline in send_to_graphite payload

Thanks for the heads up, @dnozay, and for the fix! We have worked around it in the meantime and I don't think I'll be revisiting this. Feel free to…


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