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Find things to do from people like you

I was googling too much trying to find places to go when I travelled, review sites and "top X" articles just weren't cutting it for me, so I decided to build an app for people to collect, share and discover places from other people that had been there.

Running locally

  • Rename config.template.js to config.js and edit API Keys
  • npm install in root folder
  • npm install in /spa folder
  • npm run dev in root folder
  • npm run dev in /spa folder

Note: local server and spa must be running simultaneously in order to use front-end and back-end

To Do


  • Add "find" sharing with other users
  • Add "hot finds" feature
  • Sort "finds" by location in "my finds"
  • Add dropdown to filter by location in "my finds"
  • Add "been there" tagging, to tell when someone has actually been to the place and how many.


  • Deploy to server
  • Set up continuous integration (Jenkins) - [Dev -> Staging -> Production]
  • Migrate (from Google Maps) to Mapbox
  • Migrate (from Firebase) to MongoDB