An open-source badge to put your mark on every project
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An open-source badge to put your mark on every project.

How to run the demo site:

To serve jekyll site, from /docs, run: bundle exec jekyll serve

How to use MakerBadge:

Use it in 2 steps:

1. Get your badge:

<!-- Insert makerbadge.js (download or use ☁️cloud version) -->

<script src="//"></script>

<!-- Initialise MakerBadge with options -->
  MakerBadge.init({id: 'USERIDHERE'}); // Product Hunt ID 

Your Product Hunt ID can be foud on your PH profile page (e.g. #309280).

Download MakerBadge.js

2. Customise your badge (Beta):

Choose from 3 themes, and customise layout:

        id: 'USERIDHERE', // Product Hunt ID
        theme: 3, // 3 Themes: 1, 2 or 3
        name: 'CUSTOMNAME', // Use any name you want
        twitter: '@yourusername' // Link to twitter
        position: 'left', // left or right
        customHTML: '<div>' //custom embeds e.g. buy me a coffee


Proudly an open source project.

Feel free to contribute here