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# -- Define variables. -- #
BUILD_DIR = target/doc
SRC = src/*.rs
LANDING = landing/*.html landing/*.css
RESOURCES = resources/* resources/.nojekyll
# -- Define build rules -- #
.PHONY: all clean test docs publish
default: all
rm -rf $(BUILD_DIR)
publish: all
ghp-import -n $(BUILD_DIR) -m "Update with latest changes from master."
git push origin gh-pages
# Generate everything, but just leave it in the build directory.
all: test docs landing resources
cargo test
env RUSTDOCFLAGS="--html-after-content src/includes/media-playback-speed.html" cargo doc --no-deps --document-private-items
# Fancy landing page components.
landing: $(LANDING) target_dir
cp $(LANDING) target/doc
# GitHub pages settings, favicon, RSS feed, etc. Note: the RSS feed is updated
# manually, so running `make modules` won't update it.
resources: $(RESOURCES) target_dir
cp $(RESOURCES) target/doc
mkdir -p $(BUILD_DIR)
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