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Puppet pre-commit hooks

pre-commit hooks for use on Puppet projects.

Provides the following hooks:

  • puppet-validate: uses puppet parser validate to check the syntax of Puppet manifests.

  • puppet-lint: uses puppet-lint to check for stylistic issues with your Puppet manifests.

  • erb-validate: compiles and syntax-checks Ruby erb templates.

  • epp-validate: validates and syntax-checks Puppet's epp templates.


  1. Install pre-commit, if you haven't already.

  2. Add the following lines to a file named .pre-commit-config.yaml in the root of your git repository:

    -   repo:
        sha: v2.0.1
        -   id: puppet-validate
        -   id: erb-validate
        -   id: epp-validate
        -   id: puppet-lint
            -   --fail-on-warnings

    You'll almost certainly want to adjust the puppet-lint args for your project. I find the following most helpful:

            -   --no-80chars-check
            -   --no-documentation-check
            -   --no-puppet_url_without_modules-check
  3. Run pre-commit install to add pre-commit git hooks.

  4. Test the hooks work properly with pre-commit run --all-files.

Any other arguments to puppet-validate will be fed directly to puppet parser validate, as long as they are in the format --arg=value.

By default, the latest versions of puppet and puppet-lint are used. If you'd like to use a different version, you can pass additional_dependencies when definining the hooks.

For example, if you're still using Puppet 3, you can use:

-   id: puppet-validate
    additional_dependencies: ['puppet:<4']

To see what dependencies you might want to change, take a look at hooks.yaml in this repo.