app_alarmreceiver.c for use with Asterisk on Raspberry Pi
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app_alarmreceiver.c For Asterisk and GE Simon 3 Wireless Security System

The app_alarmreceiver file that comes with Asterisk does not work with my alarm system. This is the file with the modifications I had to make, including history comments to explain what and why.

I've also included other files here for use with my Raspberry Pi based Asterisk Alarm System monitor, which is based on work by Nerd Vittles.

PreAlarmNote and AlarmCommand are just examples, you will have to edit them to make the useful to you.

Full documentation on how to set this up is at

Please email me or open an issue if you want help making this work. It has been a couple of years now since I first set this up, but it still works all day long every day for me!