A program to sync an Etsy products with the stores static website
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Etsy Store Sync

This is a Ruby program I made in order to sync a customers Etsy store with a seperate static website.

The code is currently designed for my specific use case, but if you have any need for similar functionality, drop me a line and I will make it alittle more modular.

Current Workflow

  • Customer adds new products to their Etsy shop/store.
  • Program is ran.
  • Uses Etsy API to ask for item data.
  • Generates markdown files of any new items.
  • Saves the files to the development repo

Instructions - for me :)

  • git pull in "development" static generator folder (sync with master)
  • git pull in "public" static generator folder (sync with master)
  • run rake sync
  • run rake import new for first 25 synced
  • If there are any changes in the development repo, then compile to production repo and commit changes in both.
  • git push in "development"
  • git push in "public/production"


  • Automate the process of compiling to production and push the changes. One command bliss.
  • Allow for more generic use cases.
  • Rather then generating mardown, have it generate JSON or sanitize/format the incoming JSON from Etsy API to cut out acouple steps.


Website: ChrisLaBarge.com

Github: github.com/chrislabarge