No need to split dimension/metic values on a colon #26

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I tracked down an issue I was having where URLs which contained a colon character were not being properly included in the Gattica results. For example, this crazy URL from our Google Analytics account:


...was being returned as: "og.likes"}&action_ref_map=[]

This was due to the following line in the DataPoint model's initializer:

{ dimension.attributes['name'].split(':').last.to_sym => dimension.attributes['value'].split(':').last }

I understand why you are splitting the dimension/metic names on a colon but I do not believe that you have to split the values. For example you would want to split the name ga:pagePath to get pagePath but not the value: /foo/bar?baz=123. Let me know if I'm wrong about this.

No need to split values of dimensions or metrics on the colon charact…
…er. This was causing a bug whenever a value contained a colon.
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