Crazy ideas

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** Philosophies **

  • Reduce the number of queries to Google
  • Maximize the data we collect in each query
  • Query as fast as possible

** Crazy ideas **

  • So if GA allows us to have up to 10 qps, 4 simultaneous connections per IP .. why not use them all? (How do I make concurrent queries in Ruby?)
  • Somehow keep a count of queries. Raise warnings if it gets too close to the daily limit.
  • When collecting goal metrics have a method that will get 10 metrics at a time then return the entire collection at once to minimize query but so the programmer doesn't have to stitch all the results back together for persistance purposes.
  • Add a "manual" query method - in other words, make your own query string. If the programmer wants to do something crazy (or be lazy).
  • Default to return 10,000 records at once. It takes Google only a little longer and Google recommends it anyway.. so why not?
  • Return stuff in ActiveRecord - make it easier for me to save stuff.
  • Write testing stuff
  • Steal Garb's report class idea but make it a predefined query string so I'm not locked into making classes for everything.