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title: "Ruby Downloads"
<ul id="downloads">
<h3><a href='#'>Downloads</a></h3>
<li class="download" id='rvm'>
<h4>Using RVM</h4>
<p>Many Rubyists prefer to install Ruby via <a href=''>RVM</a>, the Ruby Version Manager.
It makes installing Ruby incredibly easy and allows you to install more than one implementation of Ruby
such as
<a href=''>JRuby</a>,
<a href=''>Rubinius</a>,
<a href=''>MacRuby</a>,
<a href=''>MagLev</a>,
<a href=''>IronRuby</a>.
<p>RVM is only available for Mac OS X, Linux, or any UNIX-like operating system. Windows users should
check out RubyInstaller, described in the Windows section below.</p>
<li class="download" id='macosx'>
<h4>Mac OS X</h4>
<p>OS X comes with 1.8.7, along with many RubyGems. Because 1.8.7 is an
older version of Ruby, many people install newer versions using <a href=''>RVM</a> or <a href=''>Homebrew</a>.
Homebrew allows OS X users to easily download and install Unix packages from source.</p>
<p>Homebrew only offers the latest Ruby versions, so to install 1.8.7 you
should use RVM.</p>
<li class="download" id='windows'>
<p>If you’re on Windows, there's a great project to help you install Ruby
called <a href=''>RubyInstaller</a>. It gives you
everything you need to set up a full Ruby development environment on
<p>To use RubyInstaller, download it below and double-click the installer.</p>
<a href=''>Download Rails Installer 2.0 *</a> - 55MB<br />
<a href=''>Download Ruby 1.9.2 Installer</a> - 14MB<br />
<a href=''>Download Ruby 1.8.7 Installer</a> - 11MB
* includes Ruby 1.9.2 p290, Rails 3.1, Bundler 1.0.18, Git 1.7.6, Sqlite 3.7.3, TinyTDS 0.4.5, SQL Server support 3.0.14, DevKit
<li class="download">
<h4>Source code</h4>
<!-- TODO -->
Stable: <a href=''>ruby-1.8.7-p352.tar.gz</a><br />
Stable: <a href=''>ruby-1.9.2-p290.tar.gz</a><br />
RC1: <a href=''>ruby-1.9.3-rc1.tar.gz</a>