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A WooCommerce (pre 2.0) extension that creates a kickstarter-like solution using Stripe (not Paypal)
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=== WooSponsorship ===

Contributors: chrislema & jdkussow

Tags: woocommerce, woocommerce extension, kickstarter, stripe

Requires at least: 3.0

Tested up to: 3.5

== Donation ==

== Description ==

Creates a new kind of product (sponsorship product) for WooCommerce that allows you to gather sponsors and charge them when your product minimum is met. It only works with Stripe. Not Paypal.

== Installation ==

  1. Download as zip.
  2. Remove the internal folder for Stripe, to install separately.
  3. Upload both WooSponsorship and Stripe extensions.
  4. Activate the plugins through the plugins menu in WordPress.
  5. Go into WooCommerce/Products and add a new product.
  6. Change it to a Sponsorship product.
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