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  • nosetest will be used for testing
  • flake8 will be used for best practice conformance
  • pydocstyle will be used to ensure documentation style conformance to PEP257 (for the most part) and NumPy documentation style
  • black will be used to keep code style consistent

git commits

Each commit should be a minimal unit of code or represent minimal changes. Avoid doing multiple things in a single commit, but describe them in separate lines of the commit log if this does occur.

git pushes

A git push should be performed only under the following conditions:

  • library is syntactically correct (compiling correctly) in both Python 2 & 3
  • library passes all tests and doctests according to nosetests in both Python 2 & 3
  • test coverage is 100% according to nosetests
  • flake8 and pydocstyle should report 0 issues
  • black code styling has been applied
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