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Release History

0.3.6 (2018-11-17) classy carl



  • Most functions were encapsulated into classes.
  • Each class is broken out into its own file, with test files paralleling library files.
  • Documentation was converted from Sphinx markup to Numpy style.
  • A tutorial was written for each subpackage.
  • Documentation was cleaned up, with math markup corrections and many additional links.

0.3.5 (2018-10-31) cantankerous carl


Version 0.3.5 focuses on refactoring the whole project. The API itself remains largely the same as in previous versions, but underlyingly modules have been split up. Essentially no new features are added (bugfixes aside) in this version.


  • Refactored library and tests into smaller modules
  • Broke compression distances (NCD) out into separate functions
  • Adopted Black code style
  • Added pyproject.toml to use Poetry for packaging (but will continue using setuptools and for the present)
  • Minor bug fixes

0.3.0 (2018-10-15) carl


Version 0.3.0 focuses on additional phonetic algorithms, but does add numerous distance measures, fingerprints, and even a few stemmers. Another focus was getting everything to build again (including docs) and to move to more standard modern tools (flake8, tox, etc.).


  • Fixed implementation of Bag distance
  • Updated BMPM to version 3.10
  • Fixed Sphinx documentation on
  • Split string fingerprints out of clustering into their own module
  • Added support for q-grams to skip-n characters
  • New phonetic algorithms:
    • Statistics Canada
    • Lein
    • Roger Root
    • Oxford Name Compression Algorithm (ONCA)
    • Eudex phonetic hash
    • Haase Phonetik
    • Reth-Schek Phonetik
    • FONEM
    • Parmar-Kumbharana
    • Davidson's Consonant Code
    • SoundD
    • PSHP Soundex/Viewex Coding
    • an early version of Henry Code
    • Norphone
    • Dolby Code
    • Phonetic Spanish
    • Spanish Metaphone
    • MetaSoundex
    • SoundexBR
    • NRL English-to-phoneme
  • New string fingerprints:
    • Cisłak & Grabowski's occurrence fingerprint
    • Cisłak & Grabowski's occurrence halved fingerprint
    • Cisłak & Grabowski's count fingerprint
    • Cisłak & Grabowski's position fingerprint
    • Synoname Toolcode
  • New distance measures:
    • Minkowski distance & similarity
    • Manhattan distance & similarity
    • Euclidean distance & similarity
    • Chebyshev distance & similarity
    • Eudex distances
    • Sift4 distance
    • Baystat distance & similarity
    • Typo distance
    • Indel distance
    • Synoname
  • New stemmers:
    • UEA-Lite Stemmer
    • Paice-Husk Stemmer
    • Schinke Latin stemmer
  • Eliminated ._compat submodule in favor of six
  • Transitioned from PEP8 to flake8, etc.
  • Phonetic algorithms now consistently use max_length=-1 to indicate that there should be no length limit
  • Added example notebooks in binder directory

0.2.0 (2015-05-27) berthold

  • Added Caumanns' German stemmer
  • Added Lovins' English stemmer
  • Updated Beider-Morse Phonetic Matching to 3.04
  • Added Sphinx documentation

0.1.1 (2015-05-12) albrecht

  • First Beta release to PyPI
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