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Demo: tabletop to datatables

Scott Pham has created a version of this project that uses the latest version of DataTables and removes a lot of deprecated code.

Use Tabletop.js to pull json from Google Spreadsheet and feed it to the DataTables jQuery plugin.

Demo by Chris Essig & Chris Keller made possible thanks to the Open Source work of Built By Balance & Allan Jardine.

If interested in an enhanced version that allows you to choose between using a flat JSON file or tabletop.js to pull data from a Google spreadsheet, here's a draft version.

Step 1 - Prepare Google Spreadsheet data.

Step 2 - Add your spreadsheet key as an argument to the initializeTabletopObject function that is fired on document ready.


Step 3 - Set up your DataTables column headers in by adjusting the array in the createTableColumns() function. You'll be changing the value for both the mDataProp and sTitle keys.

    var tableColumns =   [
		{'mDataProp': 'brewery', 'sTitle': 'Brewery', 'sClass': 'center'},
		{'mDataProp': 'city', 'sTitle': 'City', 'sClass': 'center'},
		{'mDataProp': 'website', 'sTitle': 'Website', 'sClass': 'center'}

Step 4 - Push the data to the table in tabletop_feed.js. I am creating a table with an id of data-table-container in the #demo div. I am then writing the datatable to that data-table-container div.

    // create the table container and object
    function writeTableWith(dataSource){
        jqueryNoConflict('#demo').html('<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" class="display table table-bordered table-striped" id="data-table-container"></table>');

        var oTable = jqueryNoConflict('#data-table-container').dataTable({
            'aaData': dataSource,
            'aoColumns': createTableColumns()

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