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Source code and supporting content for my Ruby Manor presentation on Data Visualisation with Ruby
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Data Visualisation with Ruby


There are many different ways of visualising data if you are a Ruby user. Included in this repository are code samples for the following libraries:

  • R
  • Gnuplot
  • Google Charts API
  • JFreeChart
  • Scruffy
  • Timetric
  • Tioga

These examples were used in a presentation I gave at the Ruby Manor conference in London in December 2009. The slides from that presentation are in this repository (slides.pdf), and a link to the video will be included when it is released.

What about Javascript?

If you're in the market for a charting/plotting library to use on your rails website, you may prefer a javascript library instead of a ruby-based server-side solution. Roberto Bicchierai has written up a good comparison of the available libraries.


If you have examples of data visualisation using these libraries, or indeed other libraries which I haven't covered, feel free to fork this project and add some samples.


"Ruby for scientific research" blog

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