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An algorithm to match City Year AmeriCorps Members to schools based on various characteristics of each
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CHI SY17 vs SY18 Team Placement Results.docx
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Exploratory Notebook.Rmd
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Placement Algorithm v1.2.Rmd
Reference- FY20 ACM Placement Survey Questions.pdf
Survey Items to Variable Names.xlsx
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AmeriCorps Member School Placement Algorithm

For a descriptive summary of this tool, read this blog post:

Team Creation with Simulated Annealing - Solution for City Year AmeriCorps Members

Project Acknowledgements

  • Alex Perusse and Chris Luedtke, algorithm leads
  • Cassandra Chin, collaboration manager
  • Pat Geronimo, Washington DC implementation lead
  • Adriana Hernandez, Boston implementation lead
  • Mariana Schmalstig, survey logistics
  • Nick Mader, algorithm support
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