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* config.h
* Sample config header file
* Contains various configuration settings.
// WiFi connection properties
const char* WIFI_SSID = "TODO-YOUR-SSID";// your wifi network SSID (name)
const char* WIFI_PASSWORD = "TODO-YOUR-PASSWORD"; // your wifi network password (use for WPA, or use as key for WEP)
// The server where we save the temperature readings
const char* UBIDOTS_SERVER = "";
// UBIDOTS auth token
const char* UBIDOTS_TOKEN = "TODO-YOUR-TOKEN"; //Get this from ubidots to identify you after creating an account there
// The relative url to add/access the saved temperature readings
const char* UBIDOTS_URL_VALUES = "/api/v1.6/variables/TODO-YOUR-KEY/values"; //Get the Key from ubidots to associate this data with a particular ubidots variable
// Logging level
const boolean LOG_DEBUG = false;
const boolean LOG_INFO = true || LOG_DEBUG;
const boolean LOG_ERROR = true || LOG_INFO;
// GPIO pin which DS18B20 is plugged into. Port 2 on the NodeMCU is pin D4
#define ONE_WIRE_BUS 2
// Polling interval (time in ms between temperature readings)
const unsigned long POLLING_INTERVAL = 2000; //Can not be less than 1 second as sensors take about 750ms to complete the reading requested after each poll.
const unsigned long MAXIMUM_REPORTING_INTERVAL = 600000; //milliseconds
// Maximum number of retries when trying to connect to the WiFi access point when sending an HTTP request
const unsigned int MAX_RETRIES_WIFI_CONNECT = 1;
// Maximum number of retries when sending temperature samples to the server (set to 0 to give up after the first attempt)
const unsigned int MAX_RETRIES_SAMPLE = 5;
// Temperature difference to trigger logging new data to the server
const float TEMPERATURE_TRIGGER = 0.25;