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WitsEcop provides a framework to monitor and optimize energy consumption for a dynamic collection of buildings, such as a university.
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This repository contains all source code for the website used to compare and contrast different buildings energy consumption at wits.

Project Overview

Documentation Structure

Each directory within the reposotry has its own file to explain what the source code in that particular directory does. Moreover, how to run that particular section of code is explained. All code assume the user has installed the requirements for that particular component.

Repository Structure

There are four main directories in the repository.

  1. Assets that store the information for each building, such as chart geojson information and other relevant charting information. Campus information data structures are also store here.
  2. Backbend contains all backbend code , containers and notebooks to run the API.
  3. Frontend contains all front end code, containers, components and elements to run the front end server.
  4. Experimentation stores a play ground used when trying out different technologies during the course of the project.

A high level overview of the project can be seen in the diagram below.

Date Picker
Date Picker. High level overview of all system components.

Project Report

The Report outlining the design and implementation for this project can be found here .

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