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2010.12.20, Version 0.2.0
* smarter smart tab handling
* PHP and Python syntax modes
* IE and Opera fixes
* fix character size measurement
* properly handle empty documents
* fixed some rendering bugs
* Merge in Skywriter changes
* Add PHP and Python file types
* Add hotkey for the console (Shift-Escape)
* Add live update support to the debugger
* Auto reconnect with server
* Improve console styling
* Allow multiple concurrent sessions to the same workspace
* Make IDE relocatable. It is possible to mount the IDE to any URL path.
* Improved Console tab-switching when entering a command
* Search in Files now shows a progress message
* Search in Files now shows a proper message when no results are found
2010.11.05, Version 0.1.5
- fix running and debugging node applications on Linux
- fix server crash when using certain versions of Google Chrome
2010.11.04, Version 0.1.4
- fix stopping applications
- use packaged APF
2010.11.03, Version 0.1.3
* Added 'save as' window
* Fixed auto-indenting
* Fixed search & replace
* Creating a new folder with a name that already exists no longer crashes the server
* Closing two tabs in rapid succession no longer maximizes the editor
* Lots of debugger fixes
* Search results are selected
* Initial rendering of the scrollbar in the editor is fixed
* Move lines up/down is more responsive
* Split editor repository.
* The editor pane can now have a padding
* JavaScript syntax highlighting enhancements.
* Fix undo stack after moving lines up and down
* Server-side extensions
* New console to replace the terminal
* Redesigned debug stepping look & feel
* Fixed general focus and layout issues
* Moved quickwatch into a window
* Added keyboard support for stepping
2010.10.25, Version 0.1.2
* Setting breakpoints while application is not running
* Themes for the editor (based on textmate themes)
* Run configurations are now saved
* Tree state is now opened at startup
* Indent/outdent issues fixed
* Copy/paste and undo/redo issues fixed
* Tweaked keybindings
* Fixed save and dirty state issues.
* Debugged file handling in the filetree
* Fixed startup estethics
* Settings are now properly saved and loaded
* scrollwheel speed is now a setting
* Added save-all
* Created Git Terminal console
* Improved debugger (setting breakpoints while app is not running)
* Themes for the editor (based on textmate themes)
2010.10.19, Version 0.1.1
* Enable splitter between the tree and the editor
* Menus were sometimes not working while the editor had focus
2010.10.18, Version 0.1.0
* Jump to File plugin added
* Search in Files/ Project plugin added
* Goto Line plugin improved
* Quicksearch plugin added
* Run Configuration plugin added
* Editor Javascript syntax highlighting improved
* Bugfixes