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Kandan - Modern Open Source Chat

The slickest chat app out there. Open-source and well-supported to boot.

Standard Features

These are features that work out of the box on any provider:

  • Easy deploy to Cloudfuji, CloudFoundry, Heroku, dotCloud, etc.
  • Collaborative team chat
  • Unlimited channels
  • Embed formats for images and youtube videos with requests for others (twitter, facebook, g+, etc.)
  • Synchronized sound player - play any audio-tag compatible url for the whole channel (Pending :P)
  • /me command!
  • Highly extensible plugin format

Cloudfuji Extended Features

In addition to the standard features above, Kandan can take advantage of Cloudfuji features when run on our cloud:

  • One-click deploy
  • Team-aware: Setup your team once, and have them in every Cloudfuji app
  • Event-aware: Build widgets that display build status, customer signups, website status, and much more



If you're part of the Cloudfuji Beta you already have access to Kandan with all the enhanced features from the app store.

Just click launch http://cloudfuji.com/apps/new?app=kandan; you and your team should be all setup.

Cloud Foundry

You'll need a Cloud Foundry account and the vmc gem installed. Do you vmc target <cloud foundry host> and vmc login, and then this will get you up and running:

git clone https://github.com/cloudfuji/kandan.git
cd kandan
bundle install
bundle exec rake assets:precompile
vmc push my-company-chat --path . --instances 1 --mem 256M --runtime ruby19

You'll answer a few questions:

Application Deployed URL [my-company-chat.cloudfoundry.com]: 
Detected a Rails Application, is this correct? [Yn]: 
Creating Application: OK
Would you like to bind any services to 'my-company-chat'? [yN]: y
Would you like to use an existing provisioned service? [yN]: n
The following system services are available
1: mongodb
2: mysql
3: postgresql
4: rabbitmq
5: redis
Please select one you wish to provision: 3
Specify the name of the service [postgresql-246de]: 
Creating Service: OK
Binding Service [postgresql-246de]: OK
Uploading Application:
Checking for available resources: OK
Processing resources: OK
Packing application: OK
Uploading (1M): OK   
Push Status: OK
Staging Application: OK
Starting Application: OK

And Kandan should be available on your Cloud Foundry backend now!


You'll need to have the heroku gem installed and to have an existing heroku account. Assuming that, this should work reliably on Heroku:

git clone https://github.com/cloudfuji/kandan.git
cd kandan
heroku create --stack cedar
git push heroku master
heroku run rake db:migrate kandan:bootstrap && heroku open
echo "Done, go forth and chat!"
# Not too bad

Your app should be up and running now. The admin email by default is admin@kandan.me with password kandanadmin, or you can sign up as another user.


Looking for community help here.

Masochist server install

If you're looking to install Kandan on a private server (why??) then here are some notes you'll want to read:

# For development-mode
sudo apt-get install nodejs # (execjs needs an execution environment)
gem install execjs # (Could possibly be added to the gemfile in the assets group)

# Add this to the gemfile:
group :development do  
  gem 'sqlite3'

# Get the new gems
bundle install

# Use the default database.yml to get started
cp config/database.yml.sample config/database.yml

# Edit config/database.yml if you want to use postgres/mysql

# Bootstrap the install
bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate kandan:bootstrap
bundle exec rails server


See the issue tracker

Get Involved!

That's not a question, it's an order! Or more of a friendly offer, really. Kandan is a fully open-source app, so dive in and start adding features, fixing bugs (what bugs?), and cleaning up the code.


  • Sacha Greif for his amazing design job and exacting implementation standards on Kandan. A wonder and a pleasure to work with.
  • Andrew Hampton For the initial manual server install instructions.
  • Thomas Risberg For the Cloud Foundry install instructions and compatibility fixes.
  • Cloudfuji for leading and sponsoring the initial development of Kandan


Kandan's code and assets are dual-licensed. Kanda is available generally under the AGPL, and also under a custom license via special agreement. See LICENSE for the AGPL terms, and contact us at support@cloudfuji.com if you're interested in development of Kandan under a custom license.