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Philes is a decentralized notepad powered by IPFS
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Philes is a decentralized notepad or possibly google docs. It allows you to read and write content to IPFS in a decentralized fashion.

Philes also supports collaborative editing with many peers on the same document.

This project should still be considered work in progress...

Origin of the name

Philes commonly refer to files about hacking in the days of BBSs. The use of ph in lieu of f is an homage to the word phone.

Phrack has a hacker magazine back in the day. Its issues were released irregularly, and like academic publications issues were grouped into volumes. Each issue was comprised of a number of Philes: stand-alone text files of very technical or counter-cultural content. Philes were submitted by members of the hacker underground community, and were reviewed by the editors.


Here's a video of Philes in action:

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